Kayla Lim

Winner of Fringe Furniture 32 Awards, 2018

Best Student Design Awards & Emerging Designer Award


Materials: Western Beech-Hydrowood, Glass, Aluminium, Steel

The aim of this project was to create a structural furniture piece that utilised thin, linear components. The process involved, stripping the timber down into strips, soaking it, and then bending the timber utilising a method called Hot-Pipe Steam Bending. These components were then inserted into a 3D lasered aluminium pipe and pinned along the edges using book fasteners, to create the rigidity and strength required for the modular driven design. Special consideration was also taken regarding the type of timber used, to ensure bendability without splintering. The ability to work with the timber was also dependent with the linearity of the grain, as any knots would splinter due to the extreme curvature required of the design.